still in Sweden

Well I geuss it's my turn to be the blog keeper; sorry, but I'm not as funny as René . Good thing Lukas and Mikah have a little humour. Here Mikah had gotten into his morbror Thomas's candy box and decided that the bigger pieces look best on the face.

Mikah picking blueberries at family camp in Kuvarp.
Lukas with his bountiful harvest.

Blueberry bush.

Kuvarp at midnight. Kuvarp, a little south of Jönköping, is where family camp was held.

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Mallory said...

Rene -
Your boys are so cute! I like how you have so many pictures of them on your blog, it lets the class really see your family. Thanks for giving us today off. We can catch up a little on our projects! See ya in class.