1st Review of Dale, dale, dale: una fiesta de numeros/Hit It, Hit It, Hit It: A Fiesta of Numbers

Follow this link to read the first review of my upcoming picture book, Dale, dale, dale: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/rene-saldana-jr/dale-dale-dale-hit-it-hit-it-hit-it/. It is a story of a boy's 12th birthday and all the day's goings-on. It is a bilingual format. And check it out, I got to do both the Spanish and the English.

I don't yet have the official cover, and so I'm not posting an image of it yet. But I will.

I'm excited to publish this alongside picture book writer and illustrator Carolyn Dee Flores (Canta, Rana, Canta--Piñata Books).

The book is out May 31st.