But Good News for Sure: The Lemon Tree Caper's Got a Pub Date

The next in the Mickey Rangel detective series (the first being The Case of the Pen Gone Missing/El caso de la pluma perdida) is due out in October 2011. It's called The Lemon Tree Caper/La intriga del limonero. Soon enough I'll see the artwork for the cover. Here's the suggestion I submitted to Pinata for it (forgive the very basic artwork):

News (Bad or Good?) on Finding Our Way: Stories

Got news last week or two that my collection of stories, Finding Our Way (Wendy Lamb Books/Random House) is going out of print, hardback and paper. It's a sad note, but I can spin it positive if I want: I've always wanted to see a story from it, "The Dive," side by side its partner story, "Jump Away," that's appeared in an anthology called Every Man for Himself (edited by Nancy Mercado) and in Boy's Life, the Boy Scout's magazine, so this might be my chance. The ideal: to take "The Dive," "Alternative," and "Finding Our Way" from it, and throw them together with other stories that've appeared in several anthologies and others that've never appeared anywhere before, for a total of some 12-14 stories. Any takers?