Sonia Nieto and Nikki Grimes Read My Latin@s In Kid Lit Post! And More!

So yeah, I got news from the folks over at Latin@s in Kid Lit that after two days my blog post "Forgive Me My Bluntness" had got 1,400 views (of which, I must admit, a bunch belong to me, but still).

Among all the 1,400 were a few notables: noted multiculturalist Sonia Nieto emailed me her response, and then I got a Tweet from Cindy Rodriguez in which she linked to Nikki Grimes' personal blog in which she posted the following: Grimes' "Mr. Cellophane," an essay on diversity in kids lit.

Do I have to say, I'm thrown for a loop, and am super honored that they read my piece, but how cool that another several hundred read it too.