Almost home!

The whole gang on Morbror Lars's Birthday.
Lukas and Mikah helping Agneta Sjöstedt feeding her sheep.Lukas and Mikah making friends with Ulla the sheep.
Sitting on a moss covered stone that at night turns into a troll.Annelie and Lukas infront of a stone age hut.
Lukas working on his canoe.
Canoe finished, time for a ride!Grinding wheat, bronze age style.
Sampling different foods made during the bronze age.
Learning to master the bow and arrow.
Iron age burial field in forground, and bronze age dwelling in background. Mikah in front of an iron age house.
Lukas milking a cow at the cheese factory in Falköping. Mikah doing the same.


Rene Saldana, Jr. said...

Hey, Love: thanks for the latest pictures. I love them! And so now my sons are maids a'milking, but Mikah makes for such a sad milking maid. He he he.

Mallory said...
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Eddy Saldana said...

what did you delete? Has Anon been using his golfing words again?

Anonymous said...

Anon does not delete, anything he writes is well formulated and words to be heeded!!

Anon does not golf, so he does not know any golfing words!

Cherise said...

haha.. I am so glad I do not sound like a scary kidnapper anymore!!

Your kids are precious!