Rene, remember that big pile of sticks and brush you helped build? Well, it's all gone!

Mikah picking more bluberries.

Mikah resting up on some of the burial stones.

Lukas climbing on some of the stones.

Lukas on a visit to domareringar (judging circles), about six to seven circles of stones put up 2000 years ago. It's an actual burial ground where even the giants were thought to have buried some of their own.

Morfar and the boys with a view of Jönköping in the background.

Mormor and the boys picking cherries on the top of Taberg.

Lukas and Mikah on top of Taberg.

View from the top of Taberg.

Mormor and Mikah on top of Taberg. Taberg is a mountian which contains a rare mineral, titanmagnetitolivinit, found only here and two other places in the world. Now you can go to the top of the other side of the mountian and look out.


Rene Saldana, Jr. said...

Love: my thanks to Thomas and Dubai Joe for helping you put these pictures up. How I miss the three of you. Come back fast, will you!

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I got this right: The only 'proof' that my brother worked was a pile of wood. And now that pile has mysteriously disapeared? Well I know Dubai Joe didn't move it.

Rene Saldana, Jr. said...

My anonymous brother: I think it defeats the purpose of keeping on the lowdown when you drop a hint like "my brother." He he he.

Doesn't anybody believe me? Anybody?

Anonymous said...

No, Dubai Joe did not move these piles…but he was present when a flammable substance of unknown chemical composition was administered and ignited.

The foundations of those wood piles go back about 6 years, so one wonders how much of the pile can be credited to "the brother".