Sweden Trip 4

One Time I Wish I Had A Camera...For Proof

Yesterday afternoon, I went with my father-in-law over to the farm to help with the mowing. I'll tell you what--when he said the place needed some mowing, he meant it. And I went along and helped. I couldn't let one of my elders do all the work either, that'd mean he was showing me up, right, and so I'd take the machine over every so often and try my hand at the work (and I mean work because the grass in some places was easily 5, 6 inches high). Boy, was I sore after. But I slept good. Real good. But again, no visual proof of the fact. Next time, which might just be today, I'll make sure to take a camera.

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Eddy Saldana said...

My brother working - Manual Labor at that? Oh wait, no camera AGAIN. As far as Tigy and I are concerned rumors and stories are just that until we see pictures.