Sweden Trip 3

Most likely fortunately for all involved and my blog readers I didn't have access to my camera today. The family (Tina, Lukas, Mikah, morbro Thomas, and I) went to the A-6, the name for the mall here in Jönköping. We took the bus, which Mikah gets all excited by. He wants to sit way in the back. (I recall a couple of other Saldaña boys opting for that position in the back of the school bus, too.) Anyway, we got to the mall easy, and we went to the regular shops, and I want to buy shoes but I'm putting them all through the Les Reed test: I can hear him every time I pick up a pair of men's shoes: "Man, you went all the way to Sweden and found you some girl shoes, huh?" (substitute clown or bowling or tight rope walking for the girl and you get the idea of the selection this year). Anyway, really this time, we got done with the shopping and we're waiting on the bus to Råslätt, where we'll then transfer to one that'll take us to Barnarp, where the family house is, and Lukas is picking dandelions and blowing them into the wind, and the rest of us, we're just talking away, when I turn to check on Lukas (lest he be abducted by some Swedish gang of kidnappers and sold into slavery for his blonde hair--no wait, for his brown eyes--I forgot for a moment I was in the land of blondes) and I see him standing face to face (or more correctly, face to bark) with a tree, pants around his ankles, peeing in public. Of course, we freak out, though inside I'm thinking, Yeah, another knotch on the things a boy must do before he grows into a man belt. It is, I hear, a very Swedish thing to do, though I think I'll pass.

And Tigy, I suggest you check the local customs book for peeing in public before doing anything similar in Paris. Just in case.

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Eddy Saldana said...

You go Lukas. When in Sweden do as the Swedes. Besides, I know someone who did that a time or two.