Sweden Trip 2

Pictures, As PromisedAfter what must've felt like 1 billion hours in a plane, Tina and the boys finally arrived in Göteborg (pronounced Gothenberg in English). Here, Mikah is sleeping off an over-nighter.
But who needs sleep when you have flowers to pick? Or your nose?
In this shot, Lukas is eating a bulle, a Swedish pastry from morfar's favorite bakery in Öggestorp (also my favorite bakery).
And if big brother's enjoying a bulle, well, Mikah is sure to do the same. Only he just might eat twice as much.
This is a rock. A really big rock. Historically, it's got some kind of significance or another. Something about the land being covered in ice, and when that other global warming era occured, melting all the ice, these rocks were carried along in the rushing water and eventually left behind for boys to climb centuries later.
Not to be outdone, Mikah must also climb, but he prefers morfar's big blue tractor, spelled traktor in Svenska, that's Swedish for those who didn't quite catch that.
And finally, this is a shot of Mikah and his morbro Thomas at one of the local little parks or squares. Really and truly, Mikah was enjoying the ride, which is a sort of merri-go-round and soccer game combined.


Eddy Saldana said...

Hey Bro, who is Mikah staring at as he eats his bulle? He has a look on his face that says "Come one step closer to my bulle and I will tell Grandma on you"

Rene Saldana, Jr. said...

Hey, bro: you're so right. I hadn't noticed. But he looks like that with most of the food he's eating or planning on eating, so I overlook it now. And with Lukas it seems like he's filming a commercial for a bulle company.