Writing Life 14

So, today I visited Dimmitt Middle School in Dimmitt TX, and I had an awesome time with the students there and with the teachers, and especially with Super Librarian Walta Evans, who I met several months back at a Texas Library Association annual conference. She mentioned to me at the booth where I was signing that she'd love to have me visit with her kids, and Dimmitt is in west Texas and my family and I now live in west Texas, and so it made sense to me to go. Then a few months later, I met Walta again, this time in Austin at the Texas Book Festival (what a great festival! one you can't miss!), and she reminded me of her invitation. After a bit of phone tag we settled and planned on today. Man, what a fantastic school full of kids full of enthusiasm for reading and writing. Following are some pics:

SuperLibrarian, Walta Evans

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