Life with the Boys, the Cats, Etc.

Lukas, just yesterday. Don't let the smile fool you. He's slick.
Mikah enjoying--I mean, really enjoying--his mother's cooking!
Lukas, the Reader (check it out, it's Scooby he's reading; the kid is so cool!)
Like Big Brother, like Baby Brother: Mikah likes anything with trucks.

Mikah with ISBN, our Maine Coon, who looks so happy, don't he?

Here's Cotton, our most recently taken-in cat. In this shot, he's keeping me from my work.

ISBN, pronounced Isben.

Here's the Etc.: the fat one on the left is me, the pretty one in the yellow dress is my sister, Irma Laura.


Miss Heather said...

Your boys are just too cute!! Seriously they are adorable! That's awesome that they already love to read =]

Nikki Cope said...

Your boys are adorable! I enjoy hearing a little about your personal life and family, in class and through your blog. It is always nice when a professor is able to share some things from his/her personal life instead of being uptight and too private.