Sweden 13c--Stockholm

I'll spare you pictures of the changing of the guard at that castle (it's just a lot of soldiers marching and playing music and more soldiers, etc. Really cool, but we've got better photos of Lukas and Mikah in Stockholm). Also, later I might go through all the pictures we've got and choose some Gamla Stan (Old Town) Stockholm because it is a beautiful place, but we've got too many and so I'd have to upload a ton of them and (according to Tina and my brother) I have a ton more to write. So I'll spare you that, too. Now, to the final Stockholm shots.This is one of the more famous alleyways in the city. At some points you can stretch out your arms and touch both sides of the alley.

In preparation for the first Sweden soccer (fotboll (no, I didn't just misspell the word in English, that's how it's spelled here in Sweden)) match in the Euro Cup 2008 (which they didn't win, by the way). For this game, though, they did get to release blue and yellow balloons after the match because they did win it.

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