Sweden 12b--Various and Sundry

This is Thomas, catching some shade at Texabo, the family farm (you know the place--that's right, the very same where I've been working). This is from the church picnic two Sundays ago.
From the same picnic, here are a few of the boys from church and ours: left to right--Lukas, Fredrik, Mikah, and Kevin. If you're careful about studying this picture, you'll notice that I'm not the only brown-skinned, dark-haired person in all of Sweden.
A couple days after the picnic: it is customary for family members to pay rent on cemetery plots and to keep them up with flowers. Here you've got Morfar (Swedish for maternal grandfather, literally, a child's mother's father's) putting is an array of flowers on Tina's granddad, grandmom, and Aunt Ingrid's plot. Also pictured are Lukas and Mikah, and Mormor.
This is Lukas standing in front of a rune stone at Roberga Kyrka. According to the plate describing it, the stone was erected in honor of his uncle.
Same rune stone, with Lukas tracing some of the letters, and Mikah most likely trying to figure out the best way of knocking it over.

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