Writing Life 13

One of the cool things about being in this writing business and the teaching business at once is that sometimes (if your university, in my case my college, the College of Education/C&I/Language Literacy, sponsors a literary festival, and you get to take part in it at whatever capacity) you get to meet an author, maybe two. I was fortunate enough to meet and hang out with three: J. Patrick Lewis, Janet S. Wong, and Mel Glenn. Each in his and her own way held audiences spellbound. Each very entertaining. And very much worth the money to get them to visit your school or library if you can get them. Note the list below of places to visit for their websites. You'll find contact information there.
Dr. Katie Button did a fantastic job again! in planning and seeing this, Texas Tech's 4th Annual Children's Literature Festival. I can't wait to help with planning next year's.


jesseads said...

It was lots of fun but very exhausting all at once. :) I sat front row and even got to see you speak, haha! J Pat I believe was my favorite of all! It's a tough competition but he won by a smidge. :) A guy to really admire for his background knowledge of literature and his genius of words.

Rene Saldana, Jr. said...

You wouldn't think that sitting and listening to people talk could be anywhere nears exhausting, but boy, I'll tell you what, I was wiped out too. It was that night or the morning after that I got hit by this cold that I still haven't kicked.