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What a wonderful way to celebrate the life and life after death of a child of the Rio Grande Valley, Michael M. Rutledge, who literally gave of himself that others might live. Though the number of organ recepients is four, Michael's Legacy (not the award called Legacy, but his real legacy) affects us all the world over. Do what you can, if you can, and if not for this life-event, another similar to it. Also, visit places online like OrganDonor.gov for more information. PS: muchos abrazos to Mr. Ernesto Duenas at Liberty Middle School in Pharr TX for getting this all set up in honor of young Rutledge.
René Saldaña, Jr.

Come and join us for a night of art, music, and celebration! Ofrendas del Corazón is a silent "heart art" auction, which will take place Friday, February 8, 2009 , at the Habanero Café in downtown Pharr . Between 50 and 60 wooden hearts have been given to various students, teachers, and members of the community such as local artists, musicians and business owners to decorate. We have been really fortunate to get some of our hearts signed by authors such as Sandra Cisneros, Rene Saldana, and Xavier Garza, David Rice and others. Comedian Carlos Mencia also signed one, as well as the rock band Evanescence and latin-rock band Del Castillo. Most authors and musicians have also donated a signed book or CD to accompany their heart. All the proceeds from the event will benefit the Michael M. Rutledge Legacy Award. Michael Rutledge was a sophomore at PSJA North involved with the Raider Band and the Dual Language program. The first award will be given in 2009 to a PSJA North Dual Language student who has already been accepted into a college or university. The heart has taken a significant meaning for us since Michael, through his parents’ gift of organ donation, was able to give life to four Texas residents.

For more information, email
michaelslegacy@yahoo.com or call (956) 884-9776.


Champ said...


Hope you, Tina, and the boys are well. Doing good on this end.

What is a legacy if not a life well lived while here. This is such a life, both here and after.

Hats off to El Poeta Mariachi for his willingness to honor and his unyiedling time and effort to make it happen.

Saludos de parte nuestra y espero vernos pronto.

Como siempre, con respeto y carino,
David Champion

Ernesto Duenas said...

Rene, Thanks such much for the support. I think it will please you to know that the individual who "won" your heart that evening was a high school student. Thank you for reaching our children and for always stressing the importance of literacy. Mil Gracias - Ernesto