Homework for Children's Lit

I'd like as many of you as visit the blog here this weekend to say something very nice about my son and drop me a line or two in the comments section here about where you are in terms of your children's lit narrative, the poetry packet, or your lesson plan. 

Sorry I didn't give you advance notice about the class getting a project/work day last Thursday. Things progressed quicker than we'd expected and we found out at noon or so that we had a couple of hours to get our "house in order," literally before having to be at the hospital for my wife's c-section. Thanks for being understanding.


The Cudes said...

Jakob is sooooo cute, Dr. Saldana! I'm impressed by his height and weight. I hope mom, baby, brothers, and sisters are all doing well. I can't wait to see more pictures!

As for the children's lit. narrative, I am at the beginning stages, with lots of notes on ideas and a couple of paragraphs actually written.

The poetry packet is going well. I have all 20 poems written down with ideas on how a teacher could use it at the bottom of each page. So, I still have quite a bit of work to do, but I'm well on my way.

The lesson plan is in a holding pattern until we get a copy of the lesson plan from you that the teacher at Smith uses. If you recall, I questioned you about this in class a week or two ago, and you said that you would get in touch with the teacher and get a copy for us to use.

I hope everything is going well. I can't wait to hear about Jakob in class tomorrow!

Kelsey said...

Congratulations on the baby! He is adorabl!
I have almost finished my poetry folder. I have all twenty poems and my ideas on them.
I have a book list and some ideas for my narrative but I have not started writing the script yet.
I have not started on my lesson plan yet. Can you review in class what all needs to be included in that?
Kelsey Dykes

Tara said...

Congradulations on the new addition to your growing family! I think it is so rare that as students we get to be involved in a professor's life so it's a nice change of pace. I hope all is well!

I have started my ideas about my narrative and have them written out but I have not started the script. I have collected some poems and I think it would be great if you could go over the lesson plan because I have never written one.

See you tomorrow!
Tara Swick

Amanda said...

Congrats on your son he is adorable.

I have started on my script for my narrative and it is going really well. I have started the research for my poetry folder but do not have anything really written down. The lesson plan is the only thing I have not started on, and would like a little bit of guidance on how you would like it done. I have written a few but all of them have been different.

See you tomorrow,

Amanda Owens

Laura Cox said...

Congratulations on your new, handsome baby boy!

Hope you had an amazing weekend with your family and can't wait to hear all about Jakob in class tomorrow :)

As far as assignments go:
~I have gathered some ideas on books and pictures to include within my Children's Lit Autobiography, but still am working on my script.

~I am in the process of putting together my Poetry Folder.

~I have a lesson plan written out for a third grade read aloud.

See you tomorrow!
Laura Cox

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the newest edition to your family! Im surprised how big he is! Im sure you and your family are very excited!

I have started on my poetry folder. I have most of my poems and how I can use them in the classroom. I just need to get them all typed up and put together.

My children's lit narrative is coming along well. Just need to finish up on the script and do some finishing touches.

I have not started on the lesson plans however. I thought the outline of that was going to be given to us. Do we need to be getting it ourselves?

Congrats again,
Robin Barr

Anonymous said...

Your baby boy is just precious! I am also surprised at how big he is. Your family must be thrilled!

I have all the pictures for my children's lit narrative but still have a lot of work to do on the script.

I have begun finding poems for the poetry folder and that is coming along nicely.

I have not done a lesson plan for the read aloud. Are we suppose to use on of our books from the read alouds in class?

Rachel A.

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