Travels 1

Though I've written about my book-related traveling before, under the "Writing" entries, I've decided to begin a separate strand just for travels, starting with today's visits to two schools in deep South Texas: PSJA North HS and San Juan Middle School. I can't say enough about the tight ships the librarians run at their respective spaces. Tight is the foundation, loose and comfortable is on the surface. Like I've always been saying, libraries are supposed to be havens, and Sylvia, Toni, and Letty all've got it together that way. Thanks for a wonderful couple of experiences. And, I have to say, the ELA teachers set me up real nice with how well they prepped their students: 6, 7, & 8 and 10 & 11. And Nora, at Central Office, in charge of Libraries, great show you guys put on. How exciting it is to see kids excited about reading.

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