Writing Life 11

I'm at NCTE in NYC. It's a great city, my first time here ever. It's cold, and I'm from Texas, and so you would think I'm not enjoying the weather, but my wife and I really love the cold. Too bad she and the boys aren't here with me enjoying the city. Though I'm not into the sites, I've enjoyed walking up and down Broadway, Avenida de las Americas, and 5th Ave. The lights, the pace, the noise. The crosswalks and the rules of the crosswalks. Taxis coming hard to the intersection so long as the light is green, seemingly never minding the people sticking a foot onto the street too early, but honking instead. The stagehands enclosed within gates, picketing. And how hard it is for folks who have come to NYC at absolutely the wrong time, tickets in hand. Food's expensive, though.
I got the chance to hang out with Don Gallo and C J Gallo today, and I met Louann Reid also. What a group of people! So much love for literacy and for the kids who need it so much.
I also visited Random House's offices. It was Catherine S. who led me around, and it's such a wonderful space, so much light, and the views are amazing that high up. The amounts of books, man! And it's cool walking into the building. On walls facing each other just beyond the entrance, two gigantic glass shelves housing the history of RH's list. What titles.
And talking to Wendy Lamb over dinner last night, and then in her office briefly. I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful editor. And this morning talking to Adriana Dominguez at HarperCollins was fun too. And there's still tomorrow.

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