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We Happy Few by Rolando Hinojosa
How's this man do it? In such a short book Hinojosa manages so much. But you can't read just the one title by this grand-master writer. You must read as much as you can get your hands on of this saga, of this Texan epic, that all started out with Estampas del Valle, later translated into the English and titled simply The Valley. Read Hinojosa's entire work to begin to get what he's about. It's no surprise why his Klail City writings have been compared to Faulkner's works.
I am sad I finished the book. It left me wanting the next installment, and soon.


karen said...

hi, rene, found you through deb and russell's place. hi to tina. are you super busy? have a project to run by you.

Greenjay said...

Hello Rene: Going through my contacts file today and found an old address for you. Googled you and found your blog. Very nice, by the way. Am still writing; nice blurb from Larry McMurtry on first novel, which helped me land an agent, and then she left publishing to pursue a new career. Looking for a new agent and attending a few workshops this summer. Living in Calif now. Check out my website (reneethompson dot com) and give me a holler one day. All best, Renee Thompson